Hewlett-Packard HP264x

In Private Collection

The HP264X models were block-mode "smart" and intelligent ASCII standard serial terminals produced by Hewlett-Packard using the Intel 8008 and 8080 microprocessors. They had a characteristic widescreen aspect ratio which gave them a 80 characters by 25 lines display.

This one off 1:10 model was made to test new techniques and incorporation of OLED screens to make an interactive miniature. It can be driven by a Raspberry Pi or any kind of microcontroller.

The scale of 1:10 was chosen to match the OLED screen to replicate the size and ratio of the real screen as much as possible.

Incorporating OLED screens in future models could be very useful and this prototype helped a lot in testing different type of screens and figuring out what work best and how to drive them.